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The move has been completed without catastrophe! *trumpets sounding*
Thanks to the help of the illustrious pigfuckinghat, and my daughter Danielle (and her boyfriend), My cats and I are now residents of the suburb of Fort Lauderdale, "Oakland Park, Florida!"  The journey was straightforward with no mechanical difficulties, the weather was beautiful and the palm trees are STILL tall!  Since we wished to expedite, we did not take scenic routes through swamps or stop at beaches but we did make great time.  My new complex, Set Point Gardens, is as pictured and is beautiful and comfortable!  The only drawback is that it is in a slightly impoverished area of town with some blight and a bit higher crime rate.  Fortunately, I am a block away from the police station and indeed, five to 10 minutes from the beach, depending on traffic and the time of day!  My oldest purchased movers as a present for us, (which was very sweet).  Unfortunately, they never showed so I'm sure Piglet lost a good 10 lbs in sweat alone and I had a nice (and fortunately temporary) case of golfer's vasculitis. 

I'm thrilled to report, people are VERY friendly here and many neighbors have come up to introduce themselves and to offer cups of sugar (ha...they don't realize I don't cook!) and offer advice.  The sea is just as wonderful as I remembered her! I feel like I'm reuniting with a long-lost friend.  I really do feel home! 

Restaurants visited in the last few days: Chicken Kitchen (A for fast "chicken chop" food), Margarita Cantina - A+ for lovely sit -down seafood and steel pan music!  (YES, by a smiling man with dreadlocks!!!), Pollo Tropical Caribbean grill - B- for fast food, Aruba Beach Cafe  in Lauderdale by the Sea - A for the delightful mussels in cream sauce, Tijuana Flats - A+ for fast  tex-mex food, with nearly 50 different kinds of hot sauce, Athena by the Sea in Lauderdale by the Sea  - C+, and finally Einstein's Bagel's - A++++ for their Nova Lox and cream cheese bagels with onions and capers...*faints again.*

People of all ages are really in shape here, trotting up and down A1A with their small hand weights and ocean breeze in their faces!   Of course, Piglet is hunting for pods and seeds to take home and plant in his ever-growing jungle.  

I have to say, I'm excited, but am feeling a bit forlorn today as I think of my friends back in the mid-west.  I know I will make new friends here but it does feel a bit weird to have every close friend I know over 1500 miles away!

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Joan, Joan, you is home!

You will find fine folks in no time, coz you're a fine-folks magnet! You'll just be adding to the list, is all! I'm so glad everything has gone so smoothly. I feel sad for Piglet, since his seeds will have a rough go back in his jungle (or is it indoors?)

Things sound good and you'll find more cool things every day. In fact, maybe New Cool Think I Found Today might be fun!

Yay you!

Thanks, Raptor! I needed to hear that. I am having a bit of hermititis, which I am forcing myself out of tonight! Next week, my first bellydance class! I appreciate the rah-rah! I sooooo needed this message today! :)

YAY for your first BD class! Hope you snag a good group!

Glad you're all settled in. I still feel bad, I could come down to help you get all moved in. I miss you a lot but it's nice to at least have the internet to stay in touch and I'm looking forward to December!

Thank you, Glitter! I feel a little like one of my fingers has been removed, having you so far away but I am grateful for the internet and for upcoming holiday visitage!

Yea! Glad everything went fairly smoothly. I look forward to future Florida updates! (Miss you!)

Thank you sweetie! I miss you guys too!

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