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16 More Days...
Well, things are steadily  being completed.  I have one more utility to hook up at my new Florida apartment, a filling/possible root canal to be performed and tranquilizers to purchase for my felines along with cat carrier number 2 for the pioneer kitties.  Go EAST, old and young cats!  I need to finish up the evals on nursing homes/memory care facilities for my beloved Grandmother.  None of them really meet wth my approval but I have gotten the "nix" on kidnapping her and moving her to Florida with me.  *sigh*   I have yet to decide on a position workwise.  I know I can be paid much more but am being offered abysmally low wages, with the explanation that they can hire new grads at  quite a bit less.  I am on a mission to convince the Floridian nursing environment that calm, assured experience is the way to go!  I can accept a position which involves 25 to 50 miles a day commute but would really prefer something closer to home. It is inevitable that I will be taking PALS, and ACLS.  That's okay.  I've wanted to do so for awhile and I love classes.  Anything to sharpen this aging mind!   The NE beach is nearly packed with a few sundry items to pack and label.  I'm also trying to finish projects which are proving to (as usual) take longer than originally anticipated.  Thank GOODNESS I have an extra day off this week.  I'm in the surreal zone so have yet to become maudlin and missing everyone horribly.  I'm quite sure this will occur after I've landed and I'll start bawling on the beach and probably accidentally tase myself.  Yes, I have an awesome new pink taser if any mashers should try and bother me while I am enjoying the beach alone.

I am looking forward to meeting the vastly diverse Floridians.  And seeing Alligators ambling about.  And learning to SCUBA..and....and..and...

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Yea for being productive! It is a great feeling when you can cross things off your to do list! I have a battery operated label maker if you want to be really anal about labeling stuff. :-)

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