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August in Nebraska...

...brings many expenses, my old job back (I will never leave it again!), and living in my old home.  I am so glad to be in my house! I am looking at everything through fresh eyes.  Many things I didn't even KNOW I would miss...old brick buildings, nobody honking at me if I don't turn right immediately at the red light...people being polite everywhere and an overall sense of sanity restored to my life.  I don't have to work 80 hours to be paid for 30 any longer.  The people I love are all around me and 15 oceans cannot compare to that.  My employer has expanded in every direction since I left and many of my tutorials and orientee education consists of entirely new policies, procedures and exciting medical practices.  My basement studio waits for new art projects, PFH has his own "man cave," we have a spare bedroom for guests and our library is wall to wall books even though I gave away two bookcases full before departing from Florida.  The dining room is full of mirrors and ready for ATS bellydance.  Yep, I'll be paying off my experimental move to Florida for a bit but it's been worth every penny.  I have no regrets.  I've never felt more content and motivated at the same time.   Also?  I can be wrong about so many things.  It's okay.  Getting a new perspective is pretty humbling.  It makes me appreciate everything a great deal more.

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This is wonderful! Not just that you're back, but that you have come to a place in your life where you are truly happy. :-)

Can't wait to see the old/new place!

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